Wear and tear
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Date & Time still to be announced.
Until the launch of the wear and tear system on rooms, dismantling rooms will remain free. Take this opportunity to dismantle before the update and make the right choices
You can also keep your rooms if you're strategy is on point.


The wear and tear of the rooms are set up in order to give a life limit to the NFT. This feature allows not to give rewards indefinitely, which is a risk for the durability of the game. We decided to apply the wear and tear to the rooms rather than to the other NFTs in order to save on gas costs.
Thanks to the room wear, the life of the game is preserved on a whole new level.

How it works:

When you wish to dismantle your room, you will have to pay the price of dismantling. As long as you have not dismantled your room, your consultant and your mining rigs will not be recoverable.
Each new room created has a life span of 60 cycles before being deactivated. Each fight spends 1 cycle whether it is won or lost. You will need to adjust your strategy to maximize your gains before the end of the 60 cycles.
1 cycle is equivalent to 1 fight. Your Consultant and Mining rigs will not be destroyed at the end of the 60 cycles. They are not affected and will return to your inventory when the room is dismantled.

The price for dismantling a room is calculated as follows:

Coming soon.
The price for dismantling depend on how many cycles you used. The more you use your room the more expensive will be your dismantling fees. If you dismantle after only 30 cycles the price of the dismantling will cost approximately 50% of the price for 60 cycles.
Wear and tear
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