Electricity activates the hash power capacity of your mining rooms. It hides an important utility that adds durability to the game. Effectively paying your electricity bill is done in PWR tokens and allows the token to circulate.

How it works:

You will have one electricity bill per mining room and every time you fight your electricity bill will grow. The bill is in PWR and is subject to fluctuation.
The electricity bill is calculated according to the amount of hash power used for your fight. If you don't fight, you won't pay anything.
You can fight 7 days before the bill blocks the next fights. You don't have to wait 7 days to pay the bill, it can be paid every day. This way you don't have to wait until the end of the 7 days to claim your rewards.
You can't dismantle a room if you haven't paid your electricity bill.

This is how your electricity bill is calculated:

(Hash power / 100) * x

x is equivalent to $1 in the PWR token.
Example: If you have 100
, your electricity bill should be equivalent to ≈ $7 in PWR for 7 days of electricity consumption if the token price is stable. If the token price goes up, it will be more expensive. If it goes down, it will be cheaper.


Day 1: You fight with 100 hash power, your total electricity bill is $1 in PWR. Day 2: You fight with 100 hash power, your total electricity bill is $2 in PWR. Day 3: You don't fight but the price of the PWR double, your total electricity bill is now $4 in PWR. Day 4: You fight and then the price of the PWR is divided by two, your electricity bill is $3 in PWR. ...
The electricity bill is in PWR, which means if the PWR token goes up your bill is salty..
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