The factory is where we go to find the best gear, unfortunately, the best parts are difficult to produce but from time to time a supremely beautiful mining rig leaves the factory. It is also here that the greatest consultants in the field meet, it is even said that some visionaries go there from time to time.


The factory is the place where you can mint the NFTs that will fill your rooms. Here you can mint two types of NFTs: Mining rigs and consultants.

How it works:

As explained in our tokenomics, to mint you'll need BNB and PWR. Each mint is more or less rare. Once you select an NFT to mint, the algorithm will automatically give you a random NFT. The chances are listed on the mining rig and consultant pages.


The price is around 50$ for one mining rig and 55$ for one consultant. We use an oracle to constantly change the amount in PWR to stay in those prices.
You can save gas fees by using the X3 and X5 mint button for multiple mints.
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