The rewards are all distributed in PWRs tokens when claimed but are calculated entirely on a coin called SPWR. The Oracle is used in this context to ensure gains regardless of the price of the PWR token.
The SPWR is indexed to the BUSD, one SPWR is equivalent to one BUSD. "S" is for "Stable" in SPWR.

FUD-Proof claim button:

No matter how the price of the PWR token changes, you will get the same amount as indicated in SPWRs in PWRs when you use the claim button.
This decision was taken in order to create more stability and long-term vision of the players on their investment without fearing a negative impact on their reward in case of strong falls of the PWR token price.

Claim tax system:

The tax system is simple. The tax starts at 50% and reduces by 10% every day. Every time you claim the tax is reset to 50% the next day.
Example: Monday you don't claim, your tax is 50%. Tuesday you don't claim, your tax is 40%. Wednesday you don't claim, your tax is 30%. Thursday you don't claim, your tax is 20%. Friday you don't claim, your tax is 10%. Saturday you claim your rewards, your tax is 0%. Sunday you don't claim, your tax is 50%. Monday you don't claim your tax is 40%. ...

Total mining power tax:

From 4000 hash power on the total power of all the rooms of a player, 1% tax is taken from the rewards of any fight. For every additional 4000 hash power added to the total hash power of the rooms, 1% is added.
Total hash power of all your rooms
Tax on fight rewards
< 4000
50% (It is not very profitable
> 400000
100% (No need to go that far
This allows large wallets to contribute more to the token circulation and put a cap on their thirst to take all the tokens from the game reward pool.

Whale withdrawal limit:

In order to spread out the payment of the whales and to obtain a progressive sale of their PWR, we have set up a withdrawal limit every 24 hours.
This protects liquidity from massive sales by spreading them out over a longer period of time. The fixed limit is 4000 SPWR per account.
Example: If an account earns 5000 SPWR rewards per day. Every day it can claim 4000 SPWR but has to leave 1000 SPWR for the next day because of the limit. This account will accumulate in 30 days 30000 SPWR.
This account will have to stop wining fights for 8 days in order to fully claim its rewards.