Enemies are here to challenge you, test your limits and see how far you can go with your hash power. If you're good, you can earn SPWRs.

How it works:

There are six enemies you can fight depending on your strategy and your room hash power. You need at least 50% of the enemy's hash power to unlock the fight against him. The maximum chance to win against an enemy is 88%.
Once you win a fight you need to wait 24 hours to fight again with the same room. You can only win one fight per day and per room.
Each fight spends a specific amount of energy, the higher level the enemy, the more energy it takes to fight him.
As long as the enemy has not been defeated, the fight remains accessible.

How is calculated the winrate?

The winrate against an opponent, assuming you have at least 50% of his hash power, is the following:
This means your chances to win against an opponent are capped at 88%.


You want to fight GamblerX at tier 1 with an 88% winrate. GamblerX hash power is 500. So you will need 500*0.88 = 440 hash power minimum.

Another example:

You have 860 hashpower and you want to fight Tier 2 Mr Laser who have 1300 hashpower. The winrate is 860 / 1300 = 0.66 -> 66%