Our vision:

The CrazyMiner team is obsessed with creating the best possible gaming experience. Our technical team is a passion-driven team of developers who've been dreaming up ideas since graduating from world-class computer science schools together.
One of our ambitions is to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology through gaming. We are absolutely convinced that values nurtured in the blockchain community are useful for the economic advancement of many countries. We hope this project will offer new opportunities to countless people who deserve better.
We're creating a fun and long-lived game by developing it on decentralized technologies. It's all about the community at CrazyMiner - players are rewarded for the time and energy they spend enjoying our game.

The team:

CrazyMiner is the result of this ambitious goal, driven by a hard-working team that's obsessed with video games and blockchain technologies. Our multidisciplinary team is spread all over the world, working with unlimited passion and motivation. Below is just a sampling of our team!
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