CrazyMiner uses a Play-To-Earn (P2E) model to enhance player efforts through NFTs that can be freely traded on the marketplace and PWR tokens that are freely traded on the decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain.

Made for the players

80% of the supply is dedicated to the game reward as defined in our Tokenomics. We wanted to directly give the control of the token to people by maintaining the smallest portion possible of the token. Only 13% is locked under the control of our smart contracts and distributed in 3 years and will be used for events, airdrop and marketing.

Valuable assets:

The value of the NFTs in the game is representative of the efforts of the players and can be increased by upgrading them.

There are 3 categories of NFTs:

To mint mining rigs, consultants, or rooms, you must have both PWR and/or BNB for the transaction to continue.
Please look at our tokenomics to understand how this works.
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