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The tension is insane!

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It's 2013 and the market is bubbling. You have a dream: to have the largest mining warehouse in your room. To achieve this, you need to redouble efforts and intelligence to afford the best equipment and accumulate the maximum computing power. You will have to be strategic. Accumulating cryptos allows you to hire the best consultants in the world to help achieve your goals.
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CrazyMiner is a Play-to-Earn game on the Binance Smart Chain that involves generating the best possible computing power. The goal is to win PWRs by fighting enemies with computing power as your main weapon. You will have to make strategic decisions to achieve your goal.

One word from the team:

"We have developed the game without limiting ourselves in our imagination. CrazyMiner represents our crazy state of mind with a hint of humor. We had a lot of fun thinking about the game and the visuals. We hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we do."
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